Massive need for miners in the US

In news that may perk up Australian miners who have lost a job, the US mining industry is having trouble finding enough workers to fill spaces, according to new reports.

While Australia is recording a broadly downwards trend in mining employment, the US is seeing more jobs remain open in the industry due to fewer graduates entering the space and companies looking for higher skills in hiring.

"Like with manufacturing, there aren’t a ton of jobs in this sector — the US Bureau of Labor Statistics that fewer than 100,000 people are employed in the U.S. in the natural resources and mining fields," according to Market Watch.

However "more than 36% of the jobs in this industry stay open for longer than three months  with jobs like crew member, crew foreman and field supervisor staying open a particularly long time,"'s senior vice president Paul D'Arcy said.

This is a turnaround for the US mining industry, which only two years ago saw scores of workers looking to Australia to ride the boom in resources jobs as the market slowed down in North America.

In 2012 the Australian Department of Immigration was looking to fill 400-500 mining jobs with Us workers and former US war veterans.

At the same time Federal Government was hosting expos in the the US to fill empty roles, while around 2000 US skilled workers applied for 700 jobs across QLD and WA.

“This pain is felt really clearly in a certain set of industries … what we are seeing is this happening a lot in a set of industries that don’t pay as much [and sometimes] require a bunch of skills,” he says. In these kinds of cases, he says, job candidates may be turning to more lucrative fields like health care and tech instead of taking lower-paying jobs that also require specified skills," D'Arcy added.

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