Massive Chevron barge stranded on reef

A Chevron barge carrying 1,800 tonnes of construction equipment, 300 litres of diesel, and 1,000 litres of hydraulic fluid is stranded on a limestone reef off the WA coast.

According to AAP the 90-metre-barge was traveling to Barrow Island when it ran aground in rough weather last week.

Workers from the barge’s operators, Offshore Marine Services Alliance, said divers had inspected the barge and found only minor damage on the hull.

Salvage experts from the United States have been contracted to help recover the equipment, and the WA Government is closely monitoring the situation.

Offshore Marine Services Alliance CEO Peter Bengtsson told ABC News the company was attempting to refloat the barge, but it was not yet known if there had been any damage to the surrounding environment.

“It is delicate, and it is being done after extensive modeling and analysis and assessment of the hull,” he said.

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