Maptek releases new survey data tools

Matpek has released its new I-Site Studio 6.1 which includes new tools that streamline management of survey data.

Users will be able to register laser scans to coordinate systems, including local mine grid coordinates.

As soon as scans are brought into I-Site Studio they are ready for processing, with no need to undertake custom transformations.

“This new tool will save substantial time for surveyors working with mine coordinates,” global business development manager Laser Imaging Solutions, Jason Richards, said

“The biggest advantage is that users only need to specify a coordinate system once to use it thereafter,” he added.

“They can also import the site geoid and dc file for correct site parameters and save it into their site or project folder. I-Site Studio applies the geoid transformation when scans are imported and they automatically load in the predefined system.”

Another option in the I-Site Studio 6.1 co-ordinates upgrade allows users to take a scan object or surface not already in a coordinate system and define it to a coordinate system, applying projections correctly.

Users can also easily change between systems by choosing from predefined grid coordinate systems or the stored mine grid system.

I-Site Studio 6.1 also includes improved support for continuous mapping with I-Site Drive.

“Once a scan is imported into I-Site Studio, querying the scan extents reveals the scanning route and labels the track. The route geometry can be saved as a CAD file,” Richards said.

“This upgrade builds on the earlier 2016 release of I-Site Studio 6 which delivered significant new 3D CAD, geology, geotechnical and production reporting tools. We will continue to support surveyors through workflow improvements.’”



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