Man jailed for assault on woman at WA mining camp

A mineworker has been jailed for at least seven months for punching his “defenceless” girlfriend at a mining camp last year.

Perth Magistrate’s Court handed down a 14 month sentence yesterday saying women need to be protected by the courts.

Hata Sydney David Huria was found guilty of aggravated assault and making threats to harm against his co-worker girlfriend.

The West Australian reports the man was convicted of punching his girlfriend after pushing her to the ground inside a donga at BHP Billiton's Kurra Village in Newman on February 26 last year.

The court heard the assault continued until three security guards heard the victim and pulled Huria off the woman.

Huria claimed he had told the woman to leave his donga but she returned.

Speaking out against domestic violence, Magistrate Robert Young said it is a serious offence and Huria had also subjected his victim to the "indignity" of attempting to silence her with threats.

"This is in my view a serious example (of family violence)," Young said.

"It was a sustained assault . . . a lack of remorse has been shown."

Huria will be eligible for parole after serving seven months.

He has rejected the victim’s version of events and said he didn’t deserve a jail sentence.

Young accepted there was a "pre-existing dispute" and acknowledged that the victim had been swearing and shouting, but said that did not justify the attack.

He said the assault had traumatised the victim and she has been unable to return to work in the mining industry.

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