Magellan restarts lead mining at Wiluna; holds off on transport

Magellan Metals has restarted operations at the Wiluna lead mine but has delayed transportation.

According to Ivernia, the owner of Magellan, it was advised by the EPA that some trains carrying containers with bagged lead concentrate may not have gone along the usual route from the mine to the Port of Fremantle.

Magellan is investigating the matter after it was advised by its rail contractor that between November and early January, ten trains carrying lead were routed along a 12 km rail line that was not part of the usual route.

This diversion was made by the contractor without the knowledge of Magellan, the company has stated.

It said that while “there is no suggestion that any lead has escaped the sealed shipping containers, nor that there is any health risk, Magellan has temporarily delayed the resumption of its regular transport and is voluntarily undertaking soil sampling for lead analysis and isotopic testing along the 12km route.”

Magellan recently resumed operations at its Wiluna mine after shutting down operations after lead was discovered on the outside of sealed bags that were being transported to the Port of Fremantle.


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