Magellan Metals resumes operations at Wiluna

A transport cessation order for Magellan Metals has been lifted, allowing the miner to resume operations.

Ivernia, which owns Magellan, announced that it will now start recalling employees and contractors to its Wiluna mine.

It was originally ordered to cease transportation of lead from the mine to the Port of Fremantle after powdered lead carbonate was discovered on the outside of sealed bags inside shipping containers.

However, no elevated lead levels were discovered at the port itself.

Magellan chose to stop operations at the mine and stand down employees with full pay while the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carried out its investigations.

The miner claimed that lead levels did not exceed the baseline of 20 micrograms of lead per cubic metre, which has now been confirmed by the EPA, which stated “that no lead in container air samples exceeded the baseline and there is no risk to the community from the transport process of these double lined bags within seal shipping containers.”

While it can now begin shipping lead once more through Fremantle, the WA Environmental minister placed a number of interim conditions on transport.

These conditions include defined timeframes for dispatching samples for analysis; Magellan taking sole responsibility for notifying regulators and the community of monitoring results; and the appointment of an independent third party auditor to audit Magellan’s Health, Hygiene and Environmental Management and Monitoring programs.

A full review of Magellan’s operating conditions will also be carried out by the EPA.


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