Lynas slams “baseless scare campaign” on rare earths




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Lynas Corporation has stepped up its rhetoric against protestors, accusing them of leading a "baseless scare campaign" that is "sabotaging" the regulatory process.

Yesterday Lynas annouced the Malaysian High Court had dismissed a request to review the Government decision to grant it a temporary operating licence (TOL) for its rare earths processing plant.

The court ruled an appeal against the Lynas TOL was already in progress with the Malaysian Government and it was not appropriate for the courts to intervene.

In a statement Lynas executive chairman Nicholas Curtis said the Government appeal would be heard this month and while the court had ruled in the company’s favour the controversy surrounding Lynas was undermining its reputation.

"This concerted political campaign, which is based on misinformation, is sabotaging the science-based, regulatory process established in Malaysia and confidence in that process," he said.

Curtis said Lynas had been subjected to the highest degree of scrutiny and it was disappointing the standards had been "ignored by a few people".

"The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) is safe for everyone concerned and we look forward to the day when that will be recognised," he said.

Curtis also slammed protestors for attempting to link the LAMP and its Mt Weld mine in Western Australia with another Malaysian rare earths plant the New York Times has labeled "the largest radiation cleanup yet in the rare earth industry".

"It is disturbing that this baseless scare campaign has created unnecessary anxiety and fear in the community," he said.

"However, we will continue to address that misinformation now, when we receive our TOL and when we commence operations at LAMP."

Curtis said the "environmental activist campaign" against Lynas was "designed to stifle and frustrate investment by lodging vexatious legal challenges and appeals.

"This misinformation campaign has frustrated Lynas […]," he said.

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