Lynas launches defamation against protestors

Lynas Corporation is launching defamation action against some Malaysian protestors over their criticism of the company's operations.

According to Fairfax Media Lynas has filed action in Malaysian courts regarding safety claims over its rare earths processing plant.

The action targets independent media Free Malaysia Today and protest group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas, one of the company's most vocal opponents.

Lynas CEO Nick Curtis told Fairfax Media the company's exact argument could not be disclosed.

''The specific comments we won't go into but they are, in our opinion and our legal opinion, targeted and defamatory and those comments should be shut down,'' he said.

Lynas said the action was not an attempt to stifle free speech but was an effort to achieve clarity in debate over the company's operations.

Last month analysts said market confidence was building in Lynas following the Malaysian High Court's dismissal of complaints against the company.

After the ruling Lynas released statements slamming protestors for running a "baseless scare campaign".

It said protestors were creating unnecessary fear in the community that had acted to "stifle and frustrate" investment in the company.

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