Lynas charts its own course through traffic


Aerial view of Fremantle, Western Australia

Lynas Rare Earths has chartered its own ship to transport its rare earth concentrate from Western Australia to Malaysia, easing the impact of global shipping delays.

The company’s quarterly report outlined that transit time for Lynas’ rare earth concentrate shipped from Fremantle Port to Kuantan Port increased from 15 days in March 2021 to 33 days in December 2021, so the company implemented its own solution.

Lynas outlined that despite the additional costs, it will continue to ship through a combination of commercial and charter options in the near future, ensuring continuity of supply to its customers.

Kalgoorlie Rare Earths Processing Facility has also been issued an assessment report recommending approval by the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The environmental approval is awaiting determination by the Environmental Minister under section 45 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (WA).

This comes after the Kalgoorlie processing facility was recommended for construction by the EPA, provided a 30-metre native vegetation buffer was maintained around the site.

Minor and preliminary works have continued at the Kalgoorlie project, with the first three of five kiln sections delivered to the site following their arrival in WA in November 2021.

The rare earths processing facility will treat concentrate from the Mt Weld rare deposit mine to produce rare earth carbonate for export to Lynas’ Malaysian facility for further processing.

Mt Weld is acknowledged as one of the highest-grade rare earths’ mines in the world and it operates the world’s largest single rare earths processing plant in Malaysia.

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