Lucapa unveils 78ct white diamond

The 78 carat diamond. Image: Lucapa Diamond Company.

Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered a large 78 carat white diamond from the Mothae kimberlite mine in Lesotho, southern Africa, highlighting the potential of the emerging operation.

The diamond is the largest Special recovered through the 1.1 million tonne per annum Mothae treatment plant, which Lucapa recently started commissioning and recovering commercial gems from.

A second operating shift has also commenced at the Mothae plant as part of Lucapa’s progressive ramp up to the nameplate capacity.

Lucapa managing director Stephen Wetherall said recovering the diamond this early confirmed the company’s confidence in Mathae as a large diamond source.

“We look forward to completing the progressive ramp up phase following the implementation of a second shift at the plant,” Wetherall said.

Lucapa owns 70 per cent of the Mothae operation, with the Kingdom of Lesotho holding the remaining 30 per cent.

The company is using the XRT recovery technology at the Mothae plant under its phase one development program.

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