Lucapa recovers 1100 diamonds from drill sample in WA

Little Spring Creek diamond sample. Image: Lucapa

Lucapa Diamond Company and Leopold Damond Company have returned 1100 diamonds from the Brooking diamond project in West Kimberley, Western Australia. Lucapa owns 80 per cent of the project and Leopold the other 20 per cent.

Located 50km from the major Ellendale yellow diamond mine (which is to be reopened by the WA Gov’t), the Brooking project’s latest exploration program recovered a total sample of 178kg of lamproite core from hole LSC/DH002, located 30m north of the LSC/DH001 hole that returned 87kg of core in January 2018.

The results from the latest 178kg have been referred to by Lucapa as “exceptional”; 1100 diamonds were recovered, including 18 macro diamonds (stones greater than 0.5mm on at least one side). This micro diamond count was three times greater by weight than the returns from LSC/DH001 earlier in the year.

“The latest micro-diamond results from Little Spring Creek are some of the best I have seen in the diamond space,” said Lucapa managing director Stephen Wetherall.

“To recover 1100 micro-and macro-diamonds from a 178kg sample from a single drill hole is remarkable.

The company has identified 11 follow-up exploration targets at Brooking and has completed logging of seven remaining drill holes (LSC/DH003-LSC/DH009). LSC/DH009 did not intersect visible lamproite.

“These exceptional results at Brooking underscore the prospectivity for diamond deposits in the Kimberley region of WA, which hosts the world-renowned deposits of Argyle and previously Ellendale,” added Wetherall.

“We look forward to the next phase of exploration at Brooking with great excitement.”

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