Lucapa finds eighth Lulo diamond over 100ct

The 129.58-carat diamond

Australian-listed Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered a high-value 129.58 carat diamond from the Lulo operation in Angola, the mine’s eighth gem that has exceeded 100 carats.

The diamond was recovered from alluvial Mining Block 6, along with another high-value diamond weighing 78.61 carats.

Testing on a Yehuda colorimeter has confirmed that both of the diamonds are premium Type IIa D-colour gems.

Lucapa managing director Stephen Wetherall said the latest large gem-quality diamond recoveries reinforced the extraordinary nature of the Lulo diamond field and its exciting large-stone kimberlite potential.

“This is the eighth 100+ carat diamond the Lulo partners have recovered to date and the seventh in just 2.5 years of commercial mining from relatively low throughput rates,” Wetherall said.

“Explosive and erosive geological forces have deposited these very rare and valuable diamonds in a relatively localised area of Lulo.

“These localosed recoveries, and other indicators, point to the huge potential of a large stone primary kimberlite source at Lulo.”

The largest diamond recovered at Lulo was a 404-carat gem found in February. The diamond produced the 163-carat flawless gem that forms part of a jewellery piece that will go on sale in Switzerland this week.

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