Lucapa 100-carat diamond bonanza continues

Image: Lucapa Diamond Company

Lucapa Diamond Company has recovered the 16th 100-plus-carat diamond from the Lulo alluvial mine in Angola, Africa.

The 127-carat gem-quality white stone is the third 100-plus carat diamond delivered this year.

Lucapa recovered the stone from the flood plain area in Mining Block 24 – the first 100-plus carat diamond produced in this mining block.

It was found during Lucapa’s dry season operations.

“The recovery of this 127 carat stone, which is Lulo’s 16th 100-plus carat diamond recovered, continues to showcase the exceptional nature of the lulo alluvial deposit and highlights the potential of the mining campaign planned for these previously untouched and expansive leziria areas along the Cacuilo River,” Lucapa managing director Stephen Wetherall said.

The discovery was preceded by a 46-carat pink coloured diamond recovered at the Lulo mine last week. It was cut and polished into three diamonds.

Meanwhile, the largest stone in carat found at Lulo was a 404 carat diamond – the largest recorded gem in Angola, which was discovered in 2016.

Lucapa began commercial diamond production at Lulo in 2015.

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