Lowering your Cost per kW with MV Drive Solutions for Large Industrial Applications

In a dynamic market where electricity costs are rising and commodity prices are falling, Australia’s industrial sector is looking at new ways to improve their bottom line and maximise efficiency. One crucial area often overlooked in the pursuit of competitive advantage in the global market is adopting the more efficient technological infrastructure of medium voltage drives (MV Drives) to suit large scale operations, over traditional low voltage drive technology (LV VSDs) and soft starters.

While commonly used LV VSD technology has become more efficient in recent years, its use in large industrial environments often exceeds capacity, thus becoming more costly and inefficient to run, negating any energy savings they were installed to achieve. This is becoming an important consideration in calculating the cost per tonne and cost per kW to manufacture or process material. Factors that have deterred companies from investing in MV Drives has been the absence of local, competent and affordable commissioning, service and support, however the recent announcement of a local alliance has meant that leading global MV drive innovation now comes with 100% Australian owned system integration support, in a pioneering move for the industry. Another important differentiation in the alliance is the three year warranty as standard on the MV Drives from 3.3kV- 11kV.

Taking MV Drives to the Next Level:

Following the recent announcement of an alliance partnership between the Delta Energy Systems – the

Australian subsidiary of one of the global leaders in automation, Delta Electronics, and the well established

Australian-owned system integrator, I S Systems, the investment in MV Drives is now more attractive and commercially more attainable to site operators. Delta’s MV Drives are a high-efficiency, compact, reliable and energy-saving solution built for heavy industry. Ranging from 3.3kV to 11kV, Delta’s MV Drive offers substantial energy-saving technology and improved system availability. This is backed by a competent support structure from I S Systems’, providing local integration and customer service, and added value at all stages of the product lifecycle.

MV Drives should include the following topology features:

  • Advanced vector control algorithms and built-in proportional integral differential (PID) controllers that provide smooth motor control performance during operation and enhance precise control of process variables such as flow and pressure.
  • Ride through and flying start features that ensure continuous process, in spite of input voltage dips or distortions.
  • Elimination of grid voltage fluctuations during motor start-up and inrush motor current, reducing mechanical stresses.
  • Lower operating costs and total cost of ownership, through high system efficiencies above 98.5% (exc. transformer).
  • Cascade topology architecture – a unique concept implemented as standard in all 2-level IGBT MV Drives – takes advantage of the modular power cell design, sizing for any voltage between 3.3kV and 11kV.

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