Long-life oxygen and gas sensors

City Technology is introducing a new oxygen sensor to its
industry-leading gas sensing range.

The new 4OxLL long-life oxygen sensor will be launched by Honeywell
company City Technology at the upcoming QME Mining Show being held in
Queensland, Australia from 22nd to 24th July. The new gas sensor will be
showcased at the Honeywell Life Safety booth A275.

Mining companies are constantly facing the challenge of protecting their
workers in underground mines from oxygen depletion and toxic and flammable
gases. Companies must not only maximise safety, adhere to stringent regulations
and protect their people and assets, but also leverage operational cost
efficiencies, which can be achieved by selecting the right gas sensing

City Technology’s new AN/NZS 4641 compliant 4OxLL oxygen sensors deliver
advantages such as excellent stability in challenging environmental conditions,
minimised nuisance alarms and extended operational life.

Mario Moura, Marketing Director for Honeywell Life Safety explains that improving
the reliability of gas detectors in underground mines at reduced cost of
ownership was a key driver in the sensor’s introduction in the Australian

According to Mario, mining environments can be extremely challenging for
portable gas detectors with nuisance alarms occurring due to fluctuations in temperature
and relative humidity as workers move from external locations into hot and
humid mining environments; pressure shocks can also occur during mine shaft
lift descent resulting in incorrect oxygen readings.

Sensor performance is a major factor in the reliability of a portable
gas detector; only the highest performing sensors can be used to address the safety
concerns created by flammable and toxic gases and depleted oxygen levels in
underground mines.

The new AN/NZS 4641 compliant 4OxLL oxygen sensor is the result of more
than 35 years of experience serving the mining industry. A pioneer of mining
sensing solutions, City Technology offer several products that raise the global
industry standard including the 4CM carbon monoxide sensor designed to meet the
Chinese Mining Specification, AQ6205-2006, the world’s most challenging mining

City Technology’s latest product, the 4OxLL incorporates a unique,
patented Electrochemical Cell (ECC) internal geometry designed using Six Sigma
and FEM modelling practices and manufactured to exacting standards. The oxygen
sensor’s revolutionary component design can withstand changing humidity and
temperature conditions, ensuring accurate readings.

The 4OxLL also offers modern mining operators attractive cost
efficiencies in addition to enhancing safety and ensuring maximised device
uptime. The 4OxLL dramatically reduces ongoing costs as it is designed as a five-year
solution, lasting as long as the operational life of a typical portable gas
detector, when most oxygen sensors last approximately two years. This longevity
reduces maintenance costs considerably, with no need for sensor change out while
its patented design helps to extend calibration intervals, delivering further
cost reductions.

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