Lock the Gate wants to end mining: Minerals Council

The NSW Minerals Council says comments by Lock the Gate president Drew Hutton show protestors are using debate over strategic land use as a "weapon to end mining".

In a statement the Minerals Council said the mining industry was committed to reaching a solution between landholders and the agricultural industry.

But it said Hutton's comments that strategic land use plans were "not the last word" showed protestors were keen to take action regardless of the outcome of the Government's review.

"This sort of politicking does not help NSW move forward but is no surprise to those familiar with Mr Hutton’s previous activities," it said.

The Council said Hutton was using "scare tactics" and "irresponsible claims" to put the jobs of mining workers and the NSW economy at risk.

Hutton told Australian Mining the assertion Lock the Gate was campaigning to end mining was "ridiculous".

"I have never made any statement along those lines," he said.

Hutton said mining should not be approved in areas where it would have a negative impact on groundwater, environmental assets, health, or good farmland.

"If those things are protected then we've got no problem with mining," he said.

In the NSW Upper House coal seam gas inquiry last year Hutton repeated claims he was not anti-mining, but when pressed to name a development he supported he could not answer.

Hutton said he and Lock the Gate had "nothing against mining" but he could not name a mining development he supported.

Image: EcoNews

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