Locals wary of Tinkler’s $15,000 offer

While a decision is still pending most Newcastle councilors are cautious of accepting Nathan Tinkler's offer to bankroll a Council trip to China.

Last week Tinkler offered Newcastle Council $15,000 to travel to China after members voted against allocating Council money on the visit.

Tinkler made the offer in an email to the Council, and said while he didn't want to pressure the Council they should consider accepting his funding.

"I don’t want to influence councilors one way of the other, but I think there's got to be a really strong consideration of the probity of it all," he said.

The Newcastle Herald reports most councilors are wary of the offer because of the negative perception it could cast on the Council.

Most councilors also said if the trip was important enough they could fund it themselves.

Councils surrounding the Newcastle region also expressed concern over the offer.

The full list of council responses can be read at The Newcastle Herald.

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