Local Industrial Gear Unit Service and Support for Australian Industry

Mining production is rumoured to grow by 33% to $219 billion by 2018-19, but breakdowns in a mining or industrial setting can cause companies to suffer debilitating production losses. With increasing pressures to keep costs down while at the same time improving operational efficiencies, no business can afford to be unproductive for a long period of time.

Although these losses, often a direct result of equipment breakdowns and unplanned downtime, has been a widely accepted part of the industry, today’s ultra competitive mining landscape has meant that companies are being hard pressed to remove even the smallest risk that may cause lead to this outcome.

Long lead-times for new parts or replacements of critical equipment such as industrial gear units, also wreaks havoc on production and operational efficiencies. Sourcing equipment and services from suppliers that are both local and knowledgeable about specific mining environments is key to achieving the trifecta of short lead-times on assembly, delivery and maintenance.

With mission-critical equipment like industrial gear units being a necessity for the continued and efficient operation of a mine, maintenance managers want a unit that offers high performance, safety features, meets demanding production expectations in harsh environments, reliability and support from comprehensive maintenance and technical service.

Whether due to breakdowns from unreliable equipment, or delays associated with maintenance, unplanned downtime can – and should – be minimised with the assistance of planned, professional support for critical production equipment.

SEW-EURODRIVE – your local, expert partner

For operational and process reliability, SEW-EURODRIVE offers mining companies  comprehensive Industrial Gear Unit Service from a single source, inclusive of start-up support, installation and maintenance, repair, retrofit services and drop-in replacement solutions for ageing drives

Opting to partner with a local technology supplier that offers best-in-class solutions engineered specifically for Australian environments and who stocks a large amount of drive components locally, can offer mining businesses the peace-of-mind that in the unfortunate event of a breakdown, technical assistance is close at hand. According to Lech Banasik, Business Development Manager for SEW-EURODRIVE, the company is dedicated to assisting its mining customers. “We can provide tailored, locally-based support, as well as engineering expertise, assembly and service, with over $24 million of spare parts inventory held specifically for the needs of our Australian mining customers,” he said.

There are many so called ‘service’ companies who can patch up ageing gear units multiple times. However, it can be far less expensive and quicker to convert these old gear units to modern SEW gear units, which often match important key dimensions with the addition of an adapter base. These new drives not only offer potential operating savings due to higher efficiency, but, are backed by extensive spare parts held at SEW’s Heavy Industrial Solutions facility in Melbourne.

“SEW-EURODRIVE is in a unique position to offer tailored engineered solutions to replace ageing machine drive assemblies using a vast assortment of modern proprietary gearing and motor technologies from our Melbourne facility,” said Banasik. “This increases reliability, efficiency and serviceability of the drive and ultimately contributes to a significant reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership for the customer.”

Offering an industry-leading stock of best-in-class components locally, including the company’s ground-breaking X Series up to 175 kNm in torque, as well as access to qualified engineering support, and comprehensive parts and labour warranties, SEW-EURODRIVE is equipped to meet even the most challenging requirements from companies operating in Australia’s growing mining industry.

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