Lights, Camera, Coal [Video]


A new reality show about coal miners will showcase the daily realities at a coal mining site.

In the trailer for the reality show,Coal, a miner says, “If I choose to die in that mine, I will die providing for my family.”

Another says, “When I first went to the mine I felt claustrophobic.

“You’re on your own down there.

“It’s kinda like you’re at the centre of the earth.”

Filmed at a West Virginian coal mine, one of the stars of the show said the lack of jobs in the region leaves many with two choices; coal mining or flipping burgers.

“It takes a special type of man to do this day in day out,” a long-term coal miner says.

The show will give an insight into the scientific complexities inside a mine and the day-to-day realities of the hard work required.

It will feature the men who work together inside the mine, where tempers and the stress of the job sometimes boil over into verbal and physical confrontations.

But mostly, “We look out for one another, protect each other,” one coal miner says.

“It’s a tough job and it requires tough men,” another explains.

The series premiere of the Spike TV reality show – the makers of World’s Deadliest Catch – will be played on March 30 in the US and Foxtel viewers in Australia will also be able to watch the show.

Image: NY Daily News

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