Lifting Burra mining ban conditional, councillor says

Conditions must be in place if the ban on Burra’s Monster copper mine is lifted, Goyder Council head John Brak says.

His comments come ahead of South Australian mineral resources minister Tom Koutsantonis expected visit to the mine next month, the ABC reports.

The town of Burra is currently awaiting the government’s decision on whether the mine’s operational ban will be lifted.

Brak said if Koutsantonis wants to lift the ban, he needs to do it based on several conditions.

"There should be a conservation management plan for the area, an archaeological investigation, a hydrology impact study to determine the relationship with the underground water aquifers that are there, because one of the issues with the Burra Mine pool of course is that is full of water," he said.

"Other reports that would talk about the impact drilling would have [on] nearby historic buildings."

The Monster mine was originally opened in 1845 and closed and re-opened a number of times.

It was officially declared a South Australian State Heritage Area in 1994.

Image: AdelaideNow

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