Let Automation Manage Your Machine Fatigue

In an economic climate and industry that is under increasing pressure to keep costs to a minimum while producing increased operational efficiencies, it’s the small things that can translate into either significant financial savings, or losses.

Despite scheduled mining and manufacturing machine and equipment maintenance cycles, breakdowns happen, often with little warning. The result is expensive downtimes – with the cost of equipment inspections, replacements and repairs being added to the lost profits that come from having machines and vehicles off-line.

Unfortunately however, many managers prefer to sustain these losses – however if machines break down due to imprecise monitoring, not only do businesses take on production losses, but individuals as well as companies can be held accountable by law for resulting injuries and deaths where negligence such as improper monitoring and maintenance of equipment can be  proved.  

These losses have long been an accepted part of the industry, but in the current economy, businesses simply cannot afford to take the risk.

Instead, businesses need solutions that increase machine reliability – keeping their machines functioning at their peak for the maximum amount of time possible and reducing unplanned periods of costly downtime.

Don’t risk it, automate it

In order to achieve this, an increasing trend in the industry is seeing businesses move towards using automated solutions for fatigue and stress strain monitoring and asset protection.

With industry experience in excess of one hundred years, Applied Measurement Pty Ltd are able to provide a comprehensive solution for fatigue stress and strain vibration monitoring, together with sensors, instrumentation, software and consulting services. 

IMC data acquisition instrumentation range – The IMC range offers the ability to gather precise and accurate measurement data and signal testing to suit a variety of applications and environments, and allows users to specify the data measured and the degree of adaptability required. The software options provide for measurement and control, as well as a data analysis framework.

Strain gauges – Applied Measurement’s range of strain gauges measure into the microstrain and can be installed on just about any structure to deliver measurements that can be analysed and used for maintenance predictions. Together with linear and rotary position sensors, accelerometers can be used to monitor vibration and alert operators of premature machine failures and predict future machine life.

VBOX Data Logger –The VBOX Data Logger offers a unique solution for dynamic vehicle testing and monitoring which can be used for cycle times, driver monitoring and detailed track mapping- allowing companies to gain optimal performance from their transport fleet. 

Small wastages can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, while calculated adjustments can maximise usage and provide operational efficiency and productivity.

For more information on Applied Measurement’s range of fatigue stress and strain vibration monitoring solutions, visit www.appliedmeasurement.com.au or download their whitepaper here.

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