Leica launches new slope monitoring system

Leica Geosystems has revealed its new GeoMoS Now web-based slope monitoring application.

According to the company the new application is part of Leica's wider geosystems monitoring solution and "enables on-the-go visualisation and analysis of structural and ground movement monitoring data".

"Large amounts of geodetic and geotechnical data are now easier to handle with simplified workflows using automatic configuration and distribution tools that quickly notify users of any changes in data for faster, more informed response," Leica said in a company statement.

The web-based system allows operators to view the information and analyse data from any location on a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Because of this the software can be fully integrated on the users' company intranet server and data can be accessed from different locations within the company using a web browser without the need for additional local software licences or installations on multiple computers.

Once the application is installed end-users can start receiving automatic reports with data analysis and customised formatting, which Leica says reduces workloads and enables faster responses.

The system supports georeferenced data formats such as GIS shape files and raster data so users can overlay a variety of datasets, which allows them to customise views of interpretation, enriching geodetic and geotechnical monitoring measurements.

“With monitoring projects becoming increasingly complex, customers need to access easy-to-understand information fast and have complete and flexible control over the management of their data,” Leica Geosystems monitoring product manager Michael Rutschmann stated.

"Leica GeoMoS Now! provides exactly that: a quick and hassle-free overview of monitoring data at any time, on any device, and enables users to react promptly and confidently. The program’s capacity for analysis of large amounts of data also helps minimise time pressure for those responsible for the safekeeping of infrastructures.” 

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