Legislative pressure amps up environmental responsibility for onsite spills

Whether your business lies in the mining or manufacturing sector, environmentally responsible storage and disposal of hydrocarbons and other forms of potential pollutant has become an essential part of ground level operations.

Today there is a great deal of legislative pressure from government and regulatory bodies to ensure companies remain focussed on their environmental responsibilities, so connecting with the kind of services and products that allow those objectives to be met cheaply and efficiently is absolutely essential.

Liquid spills can become a costly in terms of time and capital, as well as the potential safety hazards and environmental risk, so it’s important to utilise drum storage that is well-designed, functional, easy to transport, and cost effective.

In order to properly assess the risk to business presented by spill incidents, there are a few important points to consider.

User safety is always the primary design feature in modern industry. Whether the materials or chemicals are being transported in steel or plastic drums, or some other form of containment, it must be safe for the user.

Liquid spills are also a hazard for slips trips and falls, and an environmental risk, so ensuring effective spill and leakage protection goes a long way to preventing the kind of financial exposure that can arise from unwanted liquid incidents.

Drum containment pallets are an affordable form of transportable bund that ensure spill prevention, which is why Ecospill has delivered a product with excellent chemical resistance, ergonomic design, and EPA compliance.

The DrumSmart containment pallet not only captures spills and leakages, but it also allows users to recover the spilled material or liquid and return it to containment, meaning there is no wastage in the event of a leak.

Produced by a wholly Australian owned company, DrumSmart and other liquid containment products offered by Ecospill are built for strength, reliability, and stackable easy storage.

Ecospill® is a wholly Australian owned, leading supplier of environmental safety products and takes pride in taking the pressure out of environmental compliance for its clients; allowing them to meet their duty of care towards their workers, workplace and the environment.

For more information on the DrumSmart Containment Pallet by Ecospill, click here to download their whitepaper.

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