Leading the Game – The new iSeekplant Mobile App

ISeekplant.com.au is a web, mobile and SaaS platform that streamlines the plant procurement process for major industry sectors such as civil construction and mining. ISeekplant helps contractors to discover and hire the ideal plant and equipment from suppliers based in their local area. With a strong focus on great service and an extremely low cost model, iSeekplant has completely revolutionised plant procurement.

Last week, iSeekplant launched their new app. The new iSeekplant app aims to deliver all of the core functions of the website in a handy and convenient package, right in your hand. Feedback from users drove the decision to completely revitalise the look and feel of the app.

ISeekplant has a simple philosophy – make it faster and easier to hire the right plant, at the right time, in the right location. The app perfectly serves this need. Designed to cater specifically to project managers, engineers, supervisors and others who are searching for plant, the app provides a streamlined service, direct from search to hire.

As soon as you open the app, you’re on the search page. There, you enter your location and the machinery category you need. Then, it’s as simple as searching through suppliers for the ones that suit your needs. Once you’ve found one you fancy, you can either tap to call, or check out their profile for more information (for example, whether their gear is up to mine spec).

ISeekplant celebrates a strong culture of innovation. There’s always a major project in the works that aims to make the process of plant hire quicker, easier and better for all parties involved. These apps are a reflection of that, just like their newly updated search algorithm which is absolutely first class.

In late July, iSeekplant launched a completely revamped Customer Portal. The new Customer Portal provides absolutely everything a plant hire company needs to manage their business. With impressive graphical displays of performance data, an incoming stream of live projects, and constant updates on major contractors using the website and viewing their profile, managers have the ability to really amp things up for their business.

This week, iSeekplant will launch their ground-breaking marketing campaign. The iSeekplant Real Short Film Series is the first of its kind. Funny and deeply relevant to the industry, this set of three short films will undoubtedly have an impressive impact on everyone involved in mining and construction. Keep an eye out on their website – there’ll be daily updates during the countdown to the launch, with some pretty humorous character profiles thrown in.

Since Kerry Stokes’ Seven Group Holdings bought a minority share in iSeekplant, the rapidly growing company has gone from strength to strength. The immense media exposure that will be earned through the Seven Group network will be a massive boon to all of iSeekplant’s members – providing fantastic reach for small to medium operators who would otherwise never be able to get their name out there to such an extent.

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