Latest fire protection systems set for May release

Victaulic will launch the new Installation Ready FireLock Fittings, a range of fire protection system fittings, in May. The fittings will require fewer fasteners which creates more efficiency in the workplace.

The range also includes VicFlex sprinkler fittings which use a flexible, stainless steel hose to enable sprinkler installation on both suspended and hard-lid ceilings.

Victaulic’s National Fire Protection Manager Scott Harris, said the new fittings have revolutionised the implementation of fire protection systems.

“Installation-Ready fittings are the logical next step for our customers in the advancement of the technology’s innovation,” he said.

“Because the new one piece FireLock Installation-Ready Fittings require fewer components and steps to install, the result is consistently faster pipe joints, and up to 75 per cent less jobsite inventory, allowing contractors to optimise crew size and to better manager their labour risks, making it an overall more reliable solution.

“Moreover with the introduction of our full range of VicFlex products, contractors are installing as many as 60 drops per man per day – representing the fastest way to connect the fire sprinkler to the branch line.”

The fittings come with pre-assembled parts. Their built in couplings enable users to insert the couplings onto the grooved part of a pipe, valve or fitting and tighten the nuts. The fittings reduce time and increase production efficiency as they install up to 10 times faster than welded joints and up to six times faster than flanged joints.

The fittings are shorter than traditional FireLock fittings and thus suitable for tighter ceiling spaces, such as those in compact work areas. They reduce the handling of material as couplings are installed without the need to disassemble them first. They also increase work safety as their installation does not require loose parts, hot work or elicit fumes.

In addition, VicFlex fittings enable faster connections from the sprinkler to the branch line. The fittings are corrosion resistant and as they are installed to the ceiling, they move with it, maintaining the ceiling plane.

The fittings minimise jobsite coordination through their Styles AB1 and AB2 as most ceiling tiles can be connected with the bracket already in place. It reduces the amount of hands-on installation in comparison to hard pipe and eliminates the need for foam sprays and rubber boots.

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