Largest graded fancy vivid pink diamond to go on auction

Image: Sothebys

The largest internally flawless, fancy vivid pink diamond the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has ever graded is going up for action in April this year.

The 59.6 carat diamond, dubbed The Pink Star, was first publicly revealed as the Steinmetz Pink in May 2003, at an event that occured at the same time as the Monaco Grand Prix.

It was first sold in 2007 and renamed The Pink Star. At the time, executive vice president and chief laboratory and research officer of the GIA, Tom Moses, said over the years the institute has been grading diamonds, The Pink Star “is the largest pink diamond with this depth of colour [vivid pink] that we have ever characterised”.

Diamonds graded ‘fancy vivid’ are considered the most precious of all fancy coloured pink diamonds.

The Graff Pink, at 24.78 carats, holds the world auction record for pink diamonds, selling for US46.26 million ($60 million).

The Pink Star, however, is double its size.

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