Kronic users invited to a WA blaze up

Users of Kronic have been invited to smoke their stash during a concert at a WA Government funded venue tonight.

The ‘End of Kronic Blowout’ party, a backlash against the government’s synthetic cannabis ban, is scheduled to finish a minute before midnight, when the substance becomes illegal, according to the West Australian.

The West Australian Government announced that it will ban the sale, possession and distribution of all synthetic cannaboids such as Kronic, Kaos, Mango Kush, and Voodoo from Friday.

Mental health minister Helen Morton stated the products have been banned on health grounds, and moved to list them under Western Australia’s Poisons Acts.

The event, run by Joel Voyage of Voyage Promotions and held at the Bakery in Perth, is to “blaze the last of your legal stash in style by midnight and avoid years and years in prison” its facebook page states.

It is billed as “your last chance to possibly raise your heart rate, blood pressure and cause anxiety and hallucinations ….with friends.”

According to the site, it will charge $15 for entry, but will charge $50 for miners.

Reggae bands will play at the event, with a tongue in cheek event that will see “the biggest spliff measured win a copy of the classic Dr Dre CD, The Chronic”.

Voyage told The West the event is a comment on the current “ridiculous situation” that has been driven by Government and media fear-mongering, with the ‘Kronic Blowout’ poster itself stating that the “Government and Media [are] focusing on all the wrong things”.

The venue itself is run by Artage, a non-profit group which receives funding from the West Australian Department for Culture and the Arts.

Artage chief executive Marcus Canning said Artage would not stop the event as “we do not censor works or the marketing of works by independent promoters and artists at the venue unless they are illegal.”

Distributors of the substance have hit out at the Government, claiming that the ban will be ineffectual and is ‘unconstitutional’.

According to Eros spokesperson Robbie Swan, as the products all remained legal in the rest of Australia and New Zealand, “the constitution pretty much guarantees you can send a legal product across State borders”.

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