Kronic use hits Hunter Valley

Drug screening services are setting up in the Hunter Valley to test for Kronic use.

The legal drug, which is undetectable in current drug tests, is seeing rise use in the mining industry, according to the ABC.

It has been a serious problem in the West Australian mining industry, where recent tests showed as many as one in ten of all miners tested in the State were on the drug.

Chemcentre confirmed that there is a widespread usage of synthetic cannabis Kronic on mines after 80 tests showed positive results for average of 10% of miners, and up to 30% at some mines.

Coal Health Services general manager Mark O’Neil said that labs are now being set up in New South Wales and Queensland to detect the drug.

He went on to say that companies are worried that the drug is rising in popularity amongst miners.

Western Australia has already considered banning Kronic, which can be bought over the counter throughout the state.

Premier Colin Barnett announced that "if [kronic] is harmful and has the same harmful effects as cannabis, which includes all sorts of physical and mental effects, then we would look at whether it should be available for sale here.

"If this substance has the same damaging effects, then we will act."

Kronic acts as synthetic cannabis and is undetectable in urine and saliva tests as it does not contain THC, the active component of marijuana.

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