Komatsu updates remote monitoring system

Komatsu has released a new version of the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system, describing it as easier-to-use and more interactive for customers.

The update has been designed to allow increased customisation and to collect even more data from Komatsu’s machines.

KOMTRAX uses satellite-based information communication technology (ICT) to provide constant monitoring of every machine, including operational conditions and status to help increase machine safety, productivity, uptime and availability – and reduce customers’ costs per tonne and per hour.

An important element of this version of KOMTRAX is the new website interface, which is compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers, ensuring users have access to information faster and in a format more easily understood.

According to Todd Connolly, Komatsu general manager – construction solutions, this version of KOMTRAX is the latest development aimed at keeping the company at the forefront of implementing technology that better serves customers’ needs.

“At Komatsu, we are leading the industry into the future with our use, application and understanding of telemetry technology, and how it can help our customers reduce their machine operating costs, and increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability,” he said.

“It represents a significant step forward in our ICT capabilities and how they interface with our customers in an easier to use and more user-friendly way.”

KOMTRAX was rolled out in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia in September 2008, and earlier last year reached a milestone of 10,000 Komatsu machines covered by the system. By late 2017, more than 11,000 Komatsu machines were covered by KOMTRAX.

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