Komatsu unveil cabless autonomous trucks

Komatsu has unveiled its completely cabless, next gen autonomous truck at MINExpo.

“Unlike 930E and 830E autonomous models, Komatsu has newly developed this vehicle exclusively as an unmanned vehicle designed to maximise the advantages of unmanned operation,” the company said.

Komatsu said the design of cabless vehicle, dubbed Komatsu’s Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle, allows for an equal distribution to the four wheels both loaded and unloaded, and by “adopting four-wheel drive, retarder and steering, Komatsu is aiming for high-performance shuttling of this vehicle in both forward and reverse travel directions, thereby totally eliminating the need for K-turns at loading and unloading sites”.

It reportedly has a turning radius of 15.9 metres.

The company went on to state the new vehicle will improve productivity at operations that feature challenging conditions, such as slippery ground or confined spaces for loading, although it did not elaborate on how the machine will overcome these issues.

The Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of 416 tonnes, and a payload of 230 tonnes.

It has a power output of 2014kW, a maximum speed of 64 kilometres per hour, and measures 15 metres in length and 8.5 metres in width.

It has not set an official launch date, only stating it plans a market introduction “in the near future”.

Watch a demonstration video of the vehicle ‘in action’ below.

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