Komatsu launches ultra class mining truck

Komatsu Australia has released the 980E-4 electric drive haul truck.

With a payload capacity of 362 tonnes, the 980E-4 is powered by a Komatsu SSDA18V170 Tier 2 engine, rated at 2611 kW which in combination with GE Mining’s dual IGBT electric drive system provides a top speed of 64 kilometre per hour.

According to Scott Harrington, Komatsu Australia’s national product manager, mining, this engine provides one of the lowest brake-specific fuel consumption (BSFC) in this truck class.

Applications for this truck include iron ore, coal and other resources requiring bulk material movement when matched to large loading tools, to deliver the lowest possible cost-per-tonne.

As with other trucks in Komatsu’s ultra class electric drive haul trucks range, the 980E-4 was designed and developed by Komatsu America Corp manufactured at its Peoria operation in Illinois for customers around the world.

“Komatsu was the first to introduce AC drive systems for ultra-class mining trucks in 1996, and has ever since continued to demonstrate to our customers in Australia and globally the incomparable performance and reliability that Komatsu trucks provide,” Harrington said.

“In addition to the its fuel-efficient engine and Invertex II AC control group, the 980E-4 features multiple disc oil cooled (wet disc) brake design, Payload Meter 4 and frame castings in high stress areas,” he said.

A number of components will remain common to Komatsu’s 960E-2 truck being the; engine, radiator, alternator, retarder and cab. However certain major components have been designed specifically for the new 980E-4, engineered for the 362 tonne rated payload.

Major component changes include larger wheel motors, GDY108C based on the proven GDY108B design. The new wheel motor is longer to accommodate the 44” rims and includes a number of gearing and bearing design changes.

Hoist cylinders, steering cylinders and suspension cylinders have all increased in capacity. This will enable Komatsu to maintain a known rated hydraulic system pressure and Komatsu component design life targets.

An interesting metric a number of customers are now monitoring is the labour hour to machine operating hour ratio. The reliability features and maintenance-friendly design of Komatsu electric drive trucks provides customers with lower labour hour to machine operating hour ratios. The 980E-4 features removable power module design, simple hydraulic design with one common tank, removable pump sub frame, oil cooled multiple disc brakes providing reduced brake wear and maintenance requirements compared to dry disc brakes, less lubricants than similar class trucks and advanced machine diagnostics including the Komtrax Plus satellite communication system.

The 980E-4 can also be fully integrated with management systems such as Modular Mining’s Dispatch and MineCare products.

The new 980E-4 truck measures eight metres high and weighs in at over 625 tonnes when loaded. The first commercial fleet of the new 980E-4 has now begun delivery at an overseas mining operation with an initial fleet size of 30 plus units to be delivered this year. Komatsu are also working closely with a number of Australian customers for the introduction of this new model in the near future.



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