Komatsu event in Brisbane will mentor tech startups

A Komatsu ‘hackathon’ event  in Brisbane entitled Komatsu: Transform Mining will allow participants to pitch their products to the engineering giant, in an opportunity that could create jobs in the Queensland mining sector.

The event, arranged for Komatsu by innovation-focused organiser Unearthed Solutions, offers a chance for entrepreneurs and startups to engage in technology showcases with a mining focus, working with Komatsu mentors to offer insight into the implementation and integration of new technologies within the company and industry at large.

“Innovation is created by a sense of crisis as a driving force,” said Ryoichi Togashi, Komatsu general manager.

“Mining sites are in a very harsh environment and both people and machinery have to keep fighting against the severe environment 24/7.

“Through hackathons with outside members who are familiar with mining sites, customers and advanced technologies, we greatly expect results that cannot be achieved by in-house development.”

The event, which will take place at River City Labs in Brisbane from 23–25 February, will see Komatsu present four problems in the regions of wireless communications and localisation, health and safety monitoring, real-time material characterisation, and efficient ore extraction. Participants will compete for the opportunity to further their products with Komatsu, in addition to other prizes and opportunities.

“Constant engagement over the weekend with Komatsu mentors and business experts will prove extremely valuable and will provide participants with all they need to plan their implementation, integration, site trials and business plan, explained Unearthed industry lead, crowdsourcing, Holly Bridgewater.

Registration for the event can be found here.

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