Komatsu updates low-emission engines for two trucks

A Komatsu HD405-8, the smaller of two trucks using the new Tier 4 engine types.

Komatsu has added low-emission tier 4 engines that cut fuel consumption by up to 7 per cent compared with previous models to two of its trucks.

The engines vary slightly between the two truck models. Komatsu’s 40t capacity HD405-8 truck uses the SAA6D140E-7 engine (383kW) and the larger 63t capacity HD605-8 truck uses the SAA6D170E-7 (540kW) engine.

The Komatsu-designed engines use an electronic control system using vehicle sensors. The condition of the engine can be checked in this way from a monitor inside the operator’s cab.

Owners and fleet managers can remotely assess this data using Komatsu’s telematics monitoring system, Komtrax.

“Operators have unmatched control and safety in even the most difficult operating conditions, through our integrated transmission and braking system — which is recognised as being the best in the industry,” said Richard Feehely, Komatsu Australia national business manager, quarries.

Energy-saving measures have been used to reduce fuel consumption, such as an auto-idler, choice between power and economy modes, and an ecology guidance feature.

“Our 40t and 60t class trucks have built a reputation over many years for being the safest, most cost-efficient and productive trucks available; these two new generation tier 4 trucks will further build on this, with their ultra-low emissions, even lower fuel consumption, and detailed data capture through on-board monitoring and Komtrax,” said Feehely.

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