Koala rescued from mineshaft [video]

A group of university students have managed to rescue a koala from an abandoned mine shaft in Victoria.

After stumbling across the koala in Lal Lal State Forest, students lowered a tree branch into the shaft to help the trapped marsupial scramble to safety.

But after climbing to the top of the shaft on its first attempt the koala misjudged a leap of faith and fell almost seven metres back to the bottom of the shaft.

Unharmed and undeterred, the koala reached ground level on its second attempt and climbed to safety in a nearby tree.

You can watch the koala's entire rescue, including its first 7m fall, in the video below.

This isn't the first heartwarming story of humans rescuing trapped animals from mineshafts, with a worker in WA's Eastern Goldfields rescuing a puppy from similar circumstances last year.


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