Kiwis Against Seabed Mining to protest TTR’s Taranaki Coast plans

Kiwis Against Seabed Mining (Kasm) is campaigning against planned ironsand mining off New Zealand’s Taranaki Coast.

Companies including Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) have plans to mine the seabed off the coast of NZ’s North Island. TTR has cited surveys estimating that possibly 481 million tonnes of iron ore exist up to nine metres beneath the seabed.

"The Taranaki and Waikato west coasts live off revenue generated by both recreational and commercial fishing and surf tourism,” Kasm President Phil McCabe told Taranaki Daily News.

"Seabed mining directly threatens the revenue from both sources."

The ore is earmarked for either China or south-east Asia.

"Foreign shareholders will reap the profit and we will have to deal with the impacts, which would likely include erosion and less fish in the water,” said McCabe.

Kasm begins a series of public information evenings tonight.

The seabed is rich in high-grade minerals, but extraction can be difficult.

The controversial practice attracted opposition in Papua New Guinea last week, with locals petitioning Nautilus Minerals’ plans to mine gold and copper from the Bismarck Sea.

In February this year the Northern Territory government saw a spike in exploration applications, before it called a moratorium on any ocean floor mining until 2015 or later.  



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