Kiwi creates ‘adult sandpit’ in Las Vegas

 A New Zealand businessman has created a massive ‘sandpit’ in Las Vegas where adults can control bulldozers and excavators to move around dirt, rocks, and tyres for fun.

Ed Mumm developed the idea when he was using excavators to build his home, and thought the vehicles would be a ‘fun tourist attraction’, NineMSN reports.

“I thought to myself: ‘If I’m having this much fun, imagine the number of people who don’t get to do this stuff who would love to do this’,” he told the Associated Press.

“When they’re in those machines, nothing else means anything. They’ve forgotten about all the stresses in their lives because the fact is, they have to focus on that piece of equipment.”

Mumm took advantage of the increasing levels of vacant land and the availability of heavy machinery in the US to create the ‘playground’.

Tourists have a choice of three different digs, or the ‘Dig and Destroy’ package, which also allows them to fire a sub-machine gun after using the vehicles.

Australia is currently undergoing a mine vehicle shortage, with a tight supply of vehicles that has resulted in rigid haul truck tyres now costing the same as a new Mercedes.

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