Kingsgate CEO collapses at Sydney Mining Club presentation

Kingsgate Consolidated CEO Gavin Thomas has collapsed during his presentation to the Sydney Mining Club today.

Thomas was nearing the end of his presentation on the company, after discussing the miner's Challenger operations, took a glass of water and then fell down on the stage in front of the 300 odd people in attendance.

Ambulance services quickly attended the scene.

According to early reports Thomas was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion.

He was quickly stabilised and is recovering, with a friend in attendance stating that "he is doing better now".

Speaking to a close friend of Thomas at the Mining Club event he said "you won't see a tougher man".

Another added: "Our good friend Gavin is now in good hands, we hope it's nothing too serious, if he can't live through it no one can."

It understood emergency responders were still on scene at the time of publishing.

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