Kimberley Diamonds to restart mining at E9 West pit

Kimberley Diamonds will restart mining at its E9 West operation following a landslip last year.

During routine blasting at its E9 open pit in June 2013, some slippage of the pitwall happened underneath the main access ramp, temporarily rendering it unsafe for use.

Due to safety concerns mining operations were suspended pending a review and repairs.

Luckily there were no workers in the mine during the blast, and no equipment was damaged.

The miner had to construct a buttress to allow safe access to the pit, which took until November last year.

It will restart production as soon as practible after the wet season.

"Production at E9 is currently continuing from the lower grade surface ore stockpiles, which has a resource grade of 2.48 carats per hundred tons. E9 West pit has a resource grade of 3.49 carats per hundred tons," Kimberley Diamonds said in a company statement.

It comes as the miner announces an interim dividend and receives consent from the Botswana Competition Authority to acquire Mantle Diamonds.


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