Keech develops self sharpening bucket teeth

Keech Australia has introduced a new innovation designed to assist construction and mining operators extend the working life of their loader buckets, and boost productivity by reducing costs and downtime.

Keesharp, Keech’s new product innovation is a bucket tooth designed to get sharper with use. According to Keech Australia Marketing Manager Brad Clark, the bucket tooth offers market-leading longevity and also extends the operational life of the bucket. He explains that Keesharp adaptor and bucket tooth systems increase nose strength and integrity, while the specialised design of the tooth profile increases the sharpness of the tooth with use, boosting efficiency.

As it gets sharper over time, Keesharp improves bucket penetration in even the most challenging conditions. Since Keesharp enables easy changeover with a one-pin-fits-all design, productivity is further enhanced with better machine availability and reduced downtime. Keesharp is recommended for applications ranging from underground production and development to open pit mining and digging as well as construction and earthmoving requirements.

Key features and benefits of Keesharp self sharpening bucket teeth include hammerless system designed with a pin on either side of the tooth for a more balanced locking system; tooth and adapter absorbing the force of digging to keep the pins free of pressure for optimum performance; quick and easy replacement of teeth with a single pin size across the range allowing simple and safe tooth changeover; and suitable for machine sizes from 20 to 350 tonnes. 

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