Katter to target NSW miners and “foreign scab labour”

Bob Katter says he will target workers in the Hunter Valley and Illawarra to secure more Senate seats at the next election.

The Australian reports Katter said he would also be expanding his focus to Newcastle and Wollongong to capture "hard-hat voters".

"Union members tell me they don't have a labour party any more, and I tell them it's not true; they're learning now that we're the workers' champion," he said.

"We're the ones who are going to protect them from foreign scab labour."

Last week Katter said miners were "walking over the top" of rural communities and more needed to be done to halt their expansions.

Katter has previously condemned other mining industry policies, such as the increased use of fly-in fly-out workers.

In a submission to the Government inquiry Katter said FIFO was "unequivocally destroying the social and economic fabric" of rural towns.

Katter has also declared that under his leadership no Chinese-owned company would be allowed to operate in Queensland.

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