Katter pushes to cut ‘green tape’

Bob Katter's son, the member for Mount Isa Rob Katter, is pushing through legislation to unlock the land to miners.

Katter had tabled the Environment Protection (Greentape Reduction) and other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 to assist miners and farmers, the North West Star reports.

The amendment seeks to make changes to a wide number of different existing acts, including the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003, the Mineral Resources Act 1989, and the Petroleum Act 1923.

A major focus of the bill is the "streamlining and clarifying [of] information requirements".

It also seeks to combine the single application requirements that previously applied separately to mining and chapter 5A projects.

The bill aims "to ensure that projects are assessed as a whole, rather than separate environmental authorities being applied for and assessed at different times".

It will mainly affect smaller projects, rather than larger scale projects.

His bill was passed into parliament last week, and essentially replicates the Bligh Government's 2011 bill of the same name.

"The time of reckoning is approaching," he said.

Katter explained that this bill is aimed at allowing people to develop natural resources for the benefit of the community, and the government is beholden to "environmental extremists".

"Legislation in Queensland must ensure that, collectively and as individuals, our society can make best use of the environment," he stated.

"Miners cannot make the best use of the environment when rich natural resources in empty tracts of land are locked away by extremists living thousands of kilometres away in latte land."

The bill is supported by Queensland's environment and heritage protection minister Andrew Powell, who stated that the new laws will cut the greentape that has "strangled" business.

The framework is expected to start in March next year.

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