Karratha receives new status, now known as a city

One of Australia’s best-known mining towns has received a new status with Karratha to now be known as a city. 

The Shire of Roebourne, which includes the towns of Karratha, Dampier Wickham and Point Samson will here on in be known as the City of Karratha.

The regional mining hub became eligible for the name change when its population exceeded 20,000.

Karratha Mayor Peter Long said the move will lead to renewed investment at a political level, ABC reported.

"It means we are now recognised as having that larger status," he said.

"To me, it's really important and it's going to make a big difference to the way we are considered and we expect to benefit from the investment we will receive."

Karratha has the sixth largest gross domestic product for a local government in Australia, after Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and the Gold Coast.

Long said the Pilbara would soon produce 40 per cent of Australia's export income, with much of this credited to the resources boom which has seen thousands of fly-in-fly-out workers call the region home.

Karratha Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive John Lally said there was a mass of opportunities for small businesses to thrive in the city.

"I think what people don't realise is we have billions of dollars worth of infrastructure around us and that infrastructure has to be maintained every year, up to probably 10 per cent of its value,” Lally said.

"So we are marketing ourselves now as the City of Karratha, the centre of this huge resources industry, and we are looking for companies to move here."

Dubbed the “powerhouse of the Pilbara”, Karratha is planning to build a new cultural centre, theatre and library to prove it can keep up with other big cities. 

Image: aap

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