Kairos Minerals recovers hundreds of gold nuggets in the Pilbara

Image: Kairos Minerals

Kairos Minerals has announced outstanding gold nugget discoveries – as many as 256 nuggets – at its Croydon project in the Pilbara.

In what was described as “a significant discovery for the Pilbara region”, the gold nuggets were found scattered over an area of less than 150 metres by 50 metres during a helicopter-supported exploration.

The nuggets, weighing a total of 254 grams, display flattened watermelon seed shapes with pitted texture and rounded edges, similar to those found throughout the Pilbara. They were found with a metal detector.

Kairos executive chairman Terry Topping said, “This is an exceptional discovery, which comes just a few weeks into our new 2018 conglomerate exploration program at the Croydon project.

“We anticipate having crews back in the field within a week to commence the next phase of exploration, which will include further sampling, metal detecting and trenching – ahead of a program of systematic RC/diamond drilling which we will commence early next quarter.”

Kairos has commenced the process of gaining the required approvals and clearance to undertake its RC and diamond drilling, which is scheduled to commence within four to six weeks.

The nuggets were found at a previously unexplored prospective geological sequence, adjacent to the unconformity between the Mt Roe Basalt-Conglomerate and the Archaean basement. Its stream sediment sampling returned seven grams per tonne (g/t) of gold earlier this year.

Topping said, “While there are many questions still to be answered, the presence of such a significant accumulation of gold nuggets within the first area followed up from our regional stream sediment program makes this project a priority exploration focus for us.”

The discovery was assisted by Pilbara conglomerate gold expert George Merhi.

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