Juniors bypass the majors

An alliance of iron ore miners have progressed plans for another port facility at Port Hedland.

An alliance of mid-tier miners is pushing ahead with plans to develop a $2 billion port facility at Port Hedland.

The group named the North West Iron Ore Alliance (NWIOA) consists of Atlas Iron, Brockman Resources and FerrAus, and announced that it would move ahead on a definitive feasibility study after pre-feasibility studies found that the facility would be capable of handling the miners output.

The pre-feasibility study also indicated that they port could be in operation as soon as 2013.

The definitive feasibility study would asses funding options for the port which will incorporate train unloading and stockpiling facilities as well as new berths and ship loading facilities.

The proposed port would handle approximately 50 million tonnes per annum of iron ore from the miners, and is projected to cost $2.1 billion, incorporating a two phase development.

The port will be located in the inner harbour of Port Hedland, at South West Creek. NWIOA chief executive Tony Considine said “the study confirmed the port development stood to be an extremely viable and effective project and would play a significant role in the development of the next tier of Australian iron ore producers.”

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