Joy Global launch new hard rock blasthole drill rig

Joy Global has released a new high powered rotary blasthole drill rig.

Developed specifically for hard rock mining, the P&H 285XPC has a drill hole diameter of between 229 millimetres and 349 millimetres, with a maximum single pass hole depth of nearly 20 metres.

The drill has up to 53 525 kilograms of bit loading.

“This new drill will carry on the P&H legacy for durability,” Eric Wilkinson, P&H’s drill rig product manager.

“It will feature the same powerful propel structures and robust pulldown systems as our other P&H drills.”

In an effort to ensure conformity across its P&H surface drill rigs range, the P&H 285XPC has the same Universal Drill Cab (UDC) as other models, allowing for experienced operators to easily transition across to the new rig.

It also offers a wide field of visibility for operators, and provides greater situational awareness.

The rig is designed with a FOPS Level II certified structure, as well as hardened, shatter proof glass to protect the operator during drilling.

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