John Deere releases new motor graders

John Deere has released the new G Series motor grader which features a series of productivity enhancements.

The grader allows operators to choose between the traditional mechanical controls or the Grade Pro system that features arm-rest mounted fingertip controls.

Both control systems use standard layouts with a traditional steering wheel. The Grade Pro system has the options of lever steering or normal steering to maintain travel speeds when fine grading or off-roading.

The system provides cross slope, integrates grade control, and has automatic return to straight, to enhance productivity. Automatically controlling the blade also enhances productivity for both experienced and new operators. It also features integration of an operators preferred laser control system.

The 672, 772, 872 G, and GP models feature a six-wheel drive, allowing the operator to set the front wheels to turn at the same speed, faster or slower than the rear tandems.

Large capacity Tier 3 engines with common rail fuel injection and variable geometry turbochargers are used on all models. The G Series has high torque, enabling it to keep pushing under heavy loads, while still providing low running costs. To make use of all the extra torque, the graders use an automatic diff lock which allows the diff lock to be engaged and automatically disconnect when turning.

The new grader uses event based shifting, which senses the load on the engine as well as other inputs, to determine the right shift time when a new gear is selected. It also has automatic transmission to ensure operator comfort.

The G Series has improved serviceability, with John Deere’s NeverGrease technology providing greaseless pin joints in several locations, keeping joints tighter and reducing greasing by up to 56 per cent.

The axle oil, transmission, and hydraulic filters are grouped with diagnostic sample ports in a convenient space for service and lower cost of ownership. The adjustable mouldboard wear inserts allow operators to quickly return to factory specs for greater precision when using laser control systems.

The grader has swing out coolers and a hydraulic reversing fan which allows for easy cleaning. The fan features variable speeds for lower bystander and operator noise levels, lower fuel consumptions, and faster engine warm up.

The LCD colour monitor provides operating conditions and diagnostic codes, and can be equipped with a rear view camera. It can also be positioned directly in front of the operator or on the right hand ROPS.

The switches are sealed to keep out dust, dirt and moisture. The sealed switch module provides a keyless start and anti-theft security, as well as activating all functions. Each operator can have their own access code, to allow monitoring of usage.

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