Job-sharing implemented at FMG mine site

A reshuffle at FMG’s Cloudbreak mine will see workers move to part-time job sharing for the next six months.

The West Australian reports the changes come as FMG decided to stop clearing waste rock for a period of time.

The paper said 60 people would be affected, with 30 to start part-time job sharing, and the rest to be sent to other FMG sites.

A spokesman for FMG told Australian Mining employee numbers vary due to normal fluctuations in the mining cycle.

In December FMG moved to slash capital expenditure by $US650 million.

The company said it would look for savings by reducing exploration and focusing on efficiencies at the construction of Anderson Point Berth.

It also deferred the detrital processing plant at Solomon, and said it would target cutting other areas of operational capital spending.

The changes come after the price of iron ore fell by 47 per cent in 2014.

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