Job cuts to come at Golden Grove

MMG has declared a new round of job cuts are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the Golden Grove mine near Yalgoo in Western Australia.

Around 100 positions will be cut next year at the copper, gold, lead, siulver and zinc producing mine.

A lower throughput at the mine during campaign milling will allow the cuts to take place, as well as a roster change from 8/6 to a 14/7 equivalent, stakeholder relations manager Ted Woodruff said.

“We’re very conscious of the effect this will have on employees — it’s never nice to have to advise that some roles may become redundant, but we really want to be clear the reason we’re doing this,” he said.

Administration staff will work an ordinary 5/2 week with an additional RDO every third week.

"What we're doing here is ensuring that the operation remains sustainable," Woodruff said.

"We could have continued as we were but unfortunately what it would've meant is that the mine wouldn't have continued for as long as it will now."

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