Job cuts at coal mine following restructure

Centennial Coal has announced a restructure of its Myuna mine and job cuts, due to ongoing market weakness.

“The restructure is in response to Myuna’s challenging geological conditions, coupled with the ongoing economic downturn in the mining sector,” Centennial Coal said in a company statement.

“This has been a difficult decision and Centennial is committed to dligiently working through a process that will sensitively support those impacted.”

The site currently employs 255 workers, with the restructure expected to result in the retrenchment of up to 30 workers.

Centennial expects to transfer 21 employees to its Mandalong mine, with 11 having already made the move.

Mining has occurred at the Myuna colliery for forty years.

The move is a reversal for Centennial, following its approval for an extension at its Springvale operation in Lithgow.

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