Jean-Claude Van Damme splits Volvo in epic stunt

Launching its latest marketing campaign stunt, Volvo Trucks has enlisted the help of Hollywood action man Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Designed to demonstrate the quality of its trucks, the YouTube video, released today shows Van Damme perched between two Volvo FM trucks reversing at speed, balancing on the rear vision mirrors.

Volvo said the stunt, titled ‘The Epic Split’, illustrates what its trucks can do, demonstrating the stability and precision of its steering system.

“Not only is ‘The Epic Split’ visually spectacular and exciting to watch, it’s also the perfect illustration of the unique capabilities of the new Volvo FM,” Per Nilsson, Director Public Relations at Volvo Trucks said.

“If the truck can handle Jean-Claude Van Damme on its side mirrors, it will be able to handle most situations.”

The Epic Split is the sixth live test from Volvo Trucks which all showcase different features of the company’s vehicles.


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